Monday, 7 August 2017

The Missing Twin by Alex Day Book Review

The Missing Twin: A gripping debut psychological thriller with a killer twist by [Day, Alex]


A unique, exciting psychological thriller that will tug at your heartstrings, and keep you guessing until the very last page!

Can she find her sister before it's too late?

A missing girl . . . a secret to be uncovered. 

Edie and her identical twin Laura have always been best friends. So when Laura surprises Edit at the Mediterranean holiday resort where she is working, Edie can't wait for the partying to start! But then, Laura vanishes without trace...

At the same time, in a country on the other side of the sea, Fatima and her twin daughters set out on a harrowing journey that only the strongest - and luckiest - survive.

Edie and Fatima's lives are worlds apart, but now, there paths are set to collide, with devastating consequences. When Fatima hovers on the brink of survival, Edie must risk her own life to save her, and finally discover the truth about her missing sister.


The Missing Twin is an exciting debut novel by Alex Day. It is a brilliant read, that’ll keep you guessing and turning the pages to find out what will happen next.

Edie and Laura are twins. Edie has been living and working on a Mediterranean island and is thrilled when her sister turns up out of the blue to surprise her. After Laura arrives they both hit the town but the next morning, Edie discovers that Laura is missing. Filled with anxiety for her twin, she is desperate to find her sister, but her boyfriend, Vuk, warns her against approaching the police. Who can she trust to help her?

Meanwhile, Fatmia is fleeing her country which has been torn apart by war. She is desperate to reach mainland Europe and begins the dangerous journey with her two children to find safety.

I was intrigued by both of the stories in this book. Fatima’s story was heartbreaking, it really makes you think about what is going on in the world today with the refugee crisis and Alex writes her story incredibly well. I was always looking for clues to see how the stories could possibly be connected but when I thought I had worked it out but I was completely surprised by the ending which Alex had in store for us, the ending of the book really blew me away.

A great read from Alex, a book that I highly recommend, I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next. This book deserves to be huge! Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy to read. 

Publisher: Killer Reads

Publication date: 18th August 2017

Print length: 400 pages

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