Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Little Girl Lost by Carol Wyer Book Review

Little Girl Lost: A gripping thriller that will have you hooked (Detective Robyn Carter crime thriller series Book 1) by [Wyer, Carol]


Her breath rose and fell in fearful gasps but it was too late. She could already see what she dreaded most. The back seat was empty.

Her little girl was gone.

Abigail lives the perfect life with her doting husband and adorable baby Izzy. But someone knows a secret about Abigail and they want the truth to be told.

When Izzy is snatched from a carpark, it becomes a case for Detective Robyn Carter. Someone has been sending threatening messages to Abigail from an anonymous number. What is Abigail hiding?

Robyn's instincts tell her that there's a connection between Izzy's abduction and two murder's she is investigating. But the last time she acted on impulse her fiance was killed. To break this case and earn her place back on the force, she must learn to trust herself again - and fast. Robyn is on the hunt for a ruthless serial killer. And unless she gets to the twisted individual in time a little girl will die . . .

Gripping, fast-paced and nail-bitingly tense, this serial killer thriller will chill you to the bone. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Karin Slaughter. 


Little Girl Lost is a captivating opening to a new crime series by Carol Wyer introducing Detective Robyn Carter. I have been meaning to get round to this book for a while and having read rave reviews, and after seeing it a lot on social media, I was so excited when I finally got round to it, and it didn’t disappoint.

Robyn is taking a break from police work by helping out a former colleague with his new private investigator agency. When they receive a call from a concerned woman, who is searching for her husband, Lucas Matthews; Robyn is concerned enough to approach her own colleagues back at the station, to persuade them to open an official police investigation into his disappearance. What starts out as a strange disappearance soon turns into something very disturbing, that Robyn and her friend never thought could be happening.

Carol’s writing was really pacy and addictive. There are some unsettling scenes in this book which may put some readers off, but the majority of this book was really enjoyable. I really enjoyed trying to work out what was going to happen, you can see all the pieces of the jigsaw laid out in front of you, but when Carol slots that final piece into place it is really surprising. The book was expertly plotted.

Robyn is an intriguing character. She has suffered from a recent trauma which she is still reeling from, I found her relationship with her former colleague interesting and I'm looking forward to finding out more about her. With the third book on the way this year, I’ll be reading the second one very soon.

An excellent start to what promises to be an exciting new series, this is a must read for crime fiction lovers. 

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 19th January 2017

Print length: 412 pages

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