Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hide and Seek by M J Arlidge Book Review


Prison is no place for a detective

Helen Grace was one of the country's best police investigators. Now she's behind bars with the killers she caught.

Framed for murder

She knows there is only one way out:
stay alive until her trial and somehow prove her innocence,.

Locked up with a killer

But when a mutilated body is found in the cell next door, Helen fears her days are numbered.

A murderer is on the loose.
And she must find them.
Before she's next . . .


M J Arlidge excels in tension in the latest DI Helen Grace thriller! After Little Boy Blue ended on THAT cliff hanger, I couldn’t wait to get stuck into the next book in the series and I think it’s probably fair to say that this is the best Helen Grace book yet. It didn’t take me long to finish it and it has left me craving the next book. This is a series that keeps getting better and better.

In Hide and Seek, for Helen Grace the table has been turned. Helen has been imprisoned after being falsely accused of murder in the nail biting previous novel, Little Boy Blue. With doors seemingly closing in on Helen at all angles, she must rely on her good friend and colleague, Charlie Brooks to prove her innocence, but Charlie is getting little support for her investigation within the police and time for Helen is running out and Charlie’s superiors are keen to wrap up the case. And now, a serial killer is on the loose in Holloway prison, where Helen is currently awaiting her trial. It seems that things are about to get a whole lot worse for Helen before they get better. Prison is no place for a detective and when she is surrounded by prisoners who she herself has helped to put away, it gets even worse.

What I love about M J Arlidge’s writing is his pace. Arlidge doesn’t linger on description or fancy language, but dives straight into the action, with short, punchy chapters and brilliant dialogue. This works extremely well in building tension which Arlidge is a master of. I really liked in this novel, how he made me feel for some of the inmates in the prison even though these people are convicted criminals.

There were definitely moments in this book when I wanted put it down for a breather but I simply had to turn the page to find out what happened, particularly in the prison scenes when Helen is hunting for the killer. The scenes featuring Charlie, as she attempted to track down Helen’s nephew, also had me holding my breath. There were plenty of suspects and red herrings; when I thought I’d nailed who the suspect was; Arlidge pulled one final twist out of the bag.

I think you would benefit from reading the previous books in the series to fully understand what is going on in this instalment but it is possible to read it as a standalone.

Arlidge delivers again and again with his Helen Grace novels; he will definitely leave you wanting more. I highly recommend them! 

Publisher: Penguin

Publication date: 29th December 2016

Print length: 384 pages 

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