Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh Book Review


'Prepare to have your mind well and truly twisted' - Heat

A woman disappears 

One moment, Selena Cole is in the playground with her children and the next, she has vanished without a trace. 

A woman returns 

Twenty hours later, Selena is found safe and well, but with no memory of where she has been. 

What took place in those missing hours, and are they linked to the discovery of a nearby murder? 

‘Is it a forgetting or a deception?’


Emma Kavanagh has just been added to my list of top favourite authors. The Missing Hours is the first book by Emma which I have read. What a riveting read it was, I loved the characters in the book; especially Leah who I have to say was my favourite.

When Selena Cole, a mother of two young children vanishes whilst on a family trip out, Detective Constable Leah Mackay is drafted in and she is desperate to bring Selena home. Has she been kidnapped or have the trials of her life finally taken toll on her, leaving her to walk out on her two girls? But Leah is amazed when twenty hours later, Selena walks back into her life, confused but seemingly fine. For Leah there are still many unanswered questions as to what happened in those missing hours but when the body of a solicitor is discovered, Leah is forced to wrap up the case into Selena’s disappearance quickly. A murder takes priority. And the police know that this case is going to be big.

As the investigation into the murder of solicitor, Dominic Newell progresses, Leah becomes more and more convinced that there is a link between Selena’s disappearance and Dominic’s murder. Can she work out what that link is and bring a killer to justice?

The novel is told from multiple viewpoints; I loved the idea that the two police detectives working on the case, DS Finn Hale and DC Leah Mackay are brother and sister. This adds a lot of potential ideas, both in their working relationship and in their personal life. I loved the dialogue between them. I hope this won’t be the last we hear from Leah and Finn.

I loved the ending which was so clever, Emma has an expert eye for detail and I thought it was brilliant how she pulled everything together. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Publisher: Arrow

Print length: 400 pages

Publication date: 17th November 2016

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