Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fire Damage by Kate Medina Book Review


To find a killer, she must unlock a child's terror . . .

The first in an exciting new crime series featuring psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn - a brilliantly complex character who struggles with a dark past.

'The girl knows,' he whispered . . .

Four-year-old Sami is deeply traumatized, and its up to psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn to unlock his terrifying memories. She needs to find out who 'the girl' is - but nothing can prepare her for the truth about what haunts him.

Meanwhile, Jessie's former patient Captain Ben Callan, is investigating the suspicious death of an officer in Afghanistan - the problem is the only suspect refuses to talk.

When a dead body washes up on a Sussex beach, Jessie's and Ben's cases converge. Soon it's clear that the mystery in Afghanistan began with a secret much closer to home. And a desperate killer will do anything to keep it buried . . .


I’ve had Fire Damage by Kate Medina on my TBR list for a while but because of other commitments I haven’t been able to get round to it as quickly as I would have liked, so I was so pleased when I finally started reading it last week.

Fire Damage is the first book in the Jessie Flynn series. Psychologist, Jessie Flynn has been assigned to a case where it is her job to get to the bottom of a little boy’s trauma. Four-year-old Sami’s father, Sergeant Major Scott has been seriously burnt whilst he was serving in Afghanistan and seeing his father in this condition has left Sami seriously traumatized. Jessie is left feeling frustrated when his family come forward with little information and sometimes she has to resort to desperate measures to get that information, to understand what is going on in Sami’s world. But what she does not realize is how big this case really is, is it possible that the discovery of a burnt corpse, washed up on a Sussex beach could be linked to Sami’s case?  

I really liked Jessie’s character in this book. She has an interesting back story which she finds difficult to re visit and I thought that Kate wrote her emotions really well, particularly when she was reliving parts of her earlier life. I thought that this was particularly well done when Kate explored Jessie’s relationship with her mother. I liked as well her determination to get to the bottom of Sami’s case, no matter what it’ll cost her in doing so.

The ending of this book was brilliant; Kate had me on tenterhooks as I was waiting to find out what happened next, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Really excellent writing.

This was a brilliant first book in the Jessie Flynn series. Original and intriguing characters and a twisty plot that’ll keep you hooked. This is a crime novel that you do not want to miss. I can’t wait to read the next book!  

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication date: 24th March 2016

Print length: 384 pages


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