Saturday, 4 March 2017

Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey Book Review


In the chilling new crime novel from award-winning author Jane Casey, Detective Maeve Kerrigan and the murder squad must navigate a web of lies to discover the truth...

A murder without a body
Eighteen-year-old Chloe Emery returns to her West London home one day to find the house covered in blood and Kate, her mother, gone. There may not be a body, but everything else points to murder.

A girl too scared to talk
Maeve Kerrigan is young, ambitious and determined to prove she's up to her new role as detective sergeant. She suspects Chloe is holding something back, but her best friend Bethany Norris won't let Maeve get close. What exactly is Bethany protecting Chloe from?

A detective with everything to prove
As the team dig deeper into the residents of Valerian Road, no one is above suspicion. All Maeve needs is one person to talk, but that's not going to happen. Because even in a case of murder, some secrets are too terrible to share...


Let The Dead Speak proves that Jane Casey is at the top of her game. Recently I have added her to my list of top favourite crime writers, I always look forward to her books and I know with confidence that each one I read will be excellent. Before I even started reading, I knew that Let The Dead Speak was going to be a five star read.

In Let The Dead Speak, a young girl, Chloe Emery, has returned home to find a disturbing scene. Her mother is missing but there is a hell of a lot of blood and the detectives investigating this case believe that her mother has been murdered. Maeve is now a DS and is taking her promotion very much in her stride. There is also a new member to the team DC Georgia Shaw, I think she’ll be a good addition to the series and I always like it when writers introduce new characters, particularly in a crime series. I never get tired of reading Maeve and DI Josh Derewent’s conversations; this is where Jane Casey really excels in her dialogue skills.

The first thing I have to say is that I for one would not like to live on this street, there are some crazy neighbours and there is the one person that everyone points the finger at when everything goes wrong. Jane Casey has created a pool of suspects and I love the way how she intricately moves between their lives and picks them apart as the detectives strive to get to the truth.

Although I have read all of Jane Casey’s previous Maeve Kerrigan novels, her books can be read as standalones, so if you are new to the series, you won’t need to have read the previous books to catch up. But once you finish Let The Dead Speak, you’ll definitely want to know more about Maeve and catch up on her previous outings. Jane Casey grips the reader from page one and doesn’t let you go until you have turned the final page. Her writing is seriously addictive and it doesn’t take me long to finish her books.

An intelligently plotted and gripping crime thriller. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy to read. 

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication date: 9th March 2017

Print length: 400 pages

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