Saturday, 25 February 2017

One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis Book Review



Vicky Seagrave is blessed: three beautiful children, a successful, doting husband, great friends and a job she loves. She should be perfectly happy.

When she makes a split-second decision that risks everything she holds dear, there's only one person she trusts enough to turn to.

But Vicky is about to learn that one mistake is all it takes; that if you're careless with those you love, you don't deserve to keep them . . .


I was lucky to receive an early copy of One Little Mistake thanks to Dead Good Books. I really enjoyed this book and found it a gripping page turner, it only took me a couple of days to finish.

Vicky has everything that most people desire: three beautiful children, a doting husband, a job she enjoys and great friends. Her friend, Amber has been around the longest and its to Amber who she feels closest to. Vicky should be able to trust her best friend with anything, shouldn't she? But has she underestimated Amber? Once Vicky starts digging herself a hole it then seems impossible for her to climb out.

For me I thought Amber and Vicky's relationship was what really gripped me and it was the source of most of the tension in the book. Throughout the story it felt as though their relationship was on a knifes edge and I was waiting for that moment when one of them would snap. The story is told over two time periods, between 1992 and the present day in 2010. For about half of the book I really wasn't sure how the tow timelines connected but when the connection was made I thought, yes, well done, Emma! Although there were already tensions in the beginning of the novel, it reached its peak in the last quarter and I literally couldn't put it down until I had finished.

One Little Mistake is a chilling read and an outstanding debut. This book is a real corker of a page turner and the ending will leave you reeling. I can't wait to read more from Emma Curtis.

Publisher: Black Swan

Publication date: 23rd February 2017 (kindle) 15th June 2017 (paperback)

Print length: 416 pages


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