Wednesday, 10 August 2016

In her Wake by Amanda Jennings Book Review

In her Wake is a beautiful, atmospheric and moving piece of work. When Bella Campbell travels home to attend her doting mother’s funeral with her controlling husband, David, she could never have imagined how her life would pan out after one day. Bella had an idyllic childhood in a huge house known as the Old Vicarage, and her mother loved her to bits. But there has always been something odd about her childhood, something she could never explain, until now, when the floodgates are about to be thrown wide open. When she turns up at her mother’s funeral, her father is desperate to tell her something but struggles to tell her his secrets and Bella is left reeling in shock when the mysteries of her past are finally revealed.

Bella travels to Cornwall in an attempt to get to grips and understand this new, frightening world she has found herself in. And it is here, on the beautiful Cornish coast, that everything about her life changes forever. Everything she thought she knew is a lie and she is desperate for answers.

In her Wake is packed with twists and turns and its ending certainly gives you with lots to think about. Amanda writes her scenes beautifully. I could visualise the scenes clearly in my mind and taste the salt of the sea air on my tongue. I really connected with the characters, and I felt Bella’s emotions as she embarked on a traumatic journey. The story pulls you right into Bella’s world and stays with you long after you have finished. A five star read, I thoroughly recommend it.  

Publication date:  22nd March 2016

Publisher: Orenda Books

Print Length: 340 pages

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