Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tastes Like Fear (DI Marnie Rome) Book Review

DI Marnie Rome is fast becoming one of my favourite detective character in crime fiction. I have read both Someone Else’s Skin and No Other Darkness and I have to say, Tastes Like Fear is one of Hilary’s best! The novel opens in the foreground of Battersea Power Station, an iconic London setting. A young girl in a distressed state has caused a fatal car crash and has disappeared from the scene.

Hilary’s descriptive technique is first class and something she particularly excels at in her writing, she writes: “She wasn’t making a sound, not a sound, but her whole face was screaming,” and here “St Thomas’s smelt the same as always, a squeaky top layer of clean with sour base notes of bodies.”

Hilary explores a whole new level of darkness in the antagonist of her novel, a character called Harm who has been collecting girls off the street, girls who are homeless and have nowhere else to go. He houses them, feeds them and keeps the warm but there is something sinister about Harm and you certainly do not want him to turn his back.

You will not be disappointed with this book; Hilary’s writing grabs you from the first page and will certainly leave you wanting more.

Publisher: Headline 

Print Length: 416 pages

Publication date: 7th April 2016

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