Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Last Cut by Danielle Ramsay blog tour


Obsessions can kill.
First, he selects them. Strips them of their identity.
Then he kills them. All for her...

DS Harri Jacobs transferred to Newcastle from the Met in the hope of leaving her past behind: the moment where her stalker turned violent. He left her alive, saying that one day he would be back. And she ran.

But a year later, she realises he has followed her from home. He'll prove his devotion. With blood...


The Last Cut is the first novel in the DS Harri Jacobs series by Danielle Ramsay. It is the first book by Danielle Ramsay that I have read and I really enjoyed reading it, it is a novel that demands your attention, and I can’t wait to read more from her. This is going to be an exciting new series with a new detective that will thrill crime fans.

DS Harri Jacobs has recently transferred to Newcastle from the Metropolitan Police in London. A year ago she suffered from a horrific attack where she was raped in her own home. Her attacker promised to return and finish the job, this time, by killing her, and now Harri fears that that day may be edging closer. It is a constant shadow hanging over her life, one that she’ll never be free from until her attacker is brought to justice or until he finishes what he started.

I really liked Danielle’s new character in this book. She is a strong female lead; although she is struggling to come to terms with what happened to her a year ago, Harri is determined to try and move on and bring the person responsible to justice, and she has some theories as to who her attacker may be. But things have started to heat up. Harri is receiving strange, chilling text messages, and when the body of a young female is found, it marks the start of a fresh investigation into a seriously twisted killer. There are strong similarities to what happened to this victim and to what happened to her, and perhaps what is even more disturbing, is that the victim has been transformed to resemble her. Coincidence? Harri doesn’t think so. Is the person behind her attack the same man behind these heinous crimes?

Although I really enjoyed this book, I did find some scenes were a little repetitive. This was particularly the case when Harri was trying to work out how to stay on the investigation team when it appeared that her case, and the crimes that were taking place in the present, may be linked, and her suspicions about a former colleague of hers in London. For me, it did slow down the pace a little. Some of the scenes in this book are quite gruesome, which makes this book perfect for fans of gritty crime thrillers. The person behind this attack is twisted, probably one of the scariest and vile criminals I’ve come across recently. It was great getting to know Harri in this book, I thought this more so when she was away from the investigation and the police station. This gave us the reader a real insight into her mind, and you can see just how much damage the attack that took place a year ago has affected her.

Overall I found The Last Cut an exciting read; I was desperate to learn the truth about who was behind the attacks. The opening chapters draw you into the story and opens up questions which you have to have answered, and Danielle keeps you guessing right up till the end. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series, and I can’t wait to see where she will take Harri next. Thank you to Anne Cater for inviting me to take part in the tour and to Mullholland Books for providing me with a copy to read. 

Publisher: Mulholland Books

Publication date: 1st June 2017

Print length: 384 pages


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